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Prepaid Internet Card

Prepaid Internet Card

WorldNet Prepaid Internet gets you online quickly and reliably with high-quality dial up connections to choose from.

Easy To Get On

You can be online for as little as $10 with a range of features including:
  • Nationwide Accessibility
  • Free Email Address
  • Free WebMail Access
  • Self-care Account Management
  • Technical Support

Most importantly, you will also get the most out of Internet with:
  • No Contract
  • No Joining Fee
  • No Monthly Bill
  • No Credit Card Details
  • No Bank Details
  • No Commitment

Control Panel

User-friendly interface allows you to log on and manage your account in a flash:

Plan Options

Time Based Plan Unlimited Plan Price
100 Hours (valid for 30 days) Unlimited Hour (valid for 10 days) $10
250 Hours (valid for 60 days) Unlimited Hour (valid for 45 days) $30
500 Hours (valid for 120 days) Unlimited Hour (valid for 90 days) $50
800 Hours (valid for 180 days) Unlimited Hour (valid for 150 days) $75

Where to get them?

Prepaid Internet cards can be purchased from WorldNet Office at 17 South Street, Newton, Auckland or search for a location near you:
District Searches:

For the mail order service, please download the application form and return it to us by fax or post.

For information about becoming a WorldNet Prepaid Internet card reseller, please email to salesteam@worldnet.co.nz

Prices effective as of Monday 15 August 2005.
Information provided is subject to change without notice.
All prices include GST.