• Installation and Access
    • 4. You hereby consent or obtain any necessary consents to allow us, the LFC and its contractors to access your premises in order to inspect, construct, install, maintain or replace any equipment installed at your premises for the provision of the UFB services. If you do not own the premises, you will need to confirm that the landlord has given permission for any installation work.
    • 5. Installation of the UFB services at your premises may require trench excavation. Restoration by the LFC or its contractors of such excavation will be limited to grass restoration only. You will be responsible for any further restoration and the costs associated with such further restoration. This means that the cost of restoration of any paved, concreted, cobbled areas etc. will need to be met by you.
    • 6. You are liable for all installation costs in relation to the UFB services at your premises. Additional installation charges may incur in addition to the standard setup fee. In such event, we will inform you the charges prior to the installation.
    • 7. You acknowledge that the copper wiring to your premises may be removed upon completion of the installation and cannot be reinstalled.

    • Fixed term and early termination charge
    • 8. A minimum term contract of 12 months from the date of installation will apply. WorldNet may charge an early termination fee equivalent to the total charges for the remainder of the 12 month term if your WorldNet UFB services are cancelled prior to the expiry.
    • 9. If you move house during the term of the UFB services, you are liable to pay an early termination fee. In addition, you are liable to pay set up and installation costs at your new premises.

    • Availability of service
    • 10. The UFB services are only available in locations which are sites enabled by us and the LFC. You acknowledge that you may not be able to receive the UFB services at your location.

    • Equipment
    • 11. Unless purchased, all equipment provided by WorldNet and/or the LFC in order to use the WorldNet UFB services will remain WorldNet's property. You are required to notify us when any equipment is lost, stolen or damaged. You must not use the equipment for any purpose other than to access our services and you must not modify or otherwise interfere with the equipment. If any UFB equipment is damaged or unreturned, the customer will be liable for the cost of the equipment and its replacement. In the case of faulty equipment, you will bear the cost of returning equipment for repair and WorldNet will bear the cost of sending replacement.

    • Power, Uninterruptible Power Supply and other services
    • 12. The UFB services require power to operate. To ensure continuation of the UFB services during power outages you should purchase and install a UPS through us. If you choose not to install a UPS you should ensure you have an alternative means of communication in the event that you need to access emergency services.
    • 13. If you use the UFB services in conjunction with monitored alarms, medical alerts, eftpos and any other health or security related services, YOU MUST CONSULT WITH RELEVANT PROVIDER PRIOR TO THE UFB SERVICES ORDER.
    • 14. The UFB services do not support fax.


    Unlimited Broadband - Traffic Management Policy
  • To ensure we can offer a consistent broadband experience for all our customers, we may apply a traffic management policy prioritising time sensitive traffic (such as voip, web and gaming traffic) over non-time sensitive traffic (such as peer-to-peer file sharing traffic) during busy periods. If you are a customer who uses peer-to-peer a lot, then we ask that you try to keep your usage to our off-peak when there is the most capacity available.


    Terms and Conditions - UFB Any Mobile Minutes
  • • The terms and conditions set out below will govern your use of the Any Mobile Minutes
    • Mobile calls are charged by per minute basis and the standard rate applies if the monthly calling minutes is exceeded.
    • Any unused monthly minutes will not be carried over to the next month.
    • The WorldNet Standard Conditions and Obligations also apply together with all other relevant WorldNet services terms and conditions which can found on the WorldNet website.