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Rack Specification

Specs Details
Dimensions 800 x 1000
Rack space Full Rack 42U / Half Rack 21U
Power feed 10Amp / 20 Amp
Carrier Neutral Yes
Data Connection 1 x RJ45 C5/C6 Port
Network Connection 10M /100M /1000M
Single Phase Power 10A / 20A
Uninterrupted Power Supply Yes
Auto Start Back Up Generator Yes
Air Conditioning Dual
Facility Entry 24/7
Data Room Entry 24/7


The WorldNet data centre is directly linked to major Internet backbones and peering exchanges via rich fiber connections to support voice, video and data applications traffic and to ensure packets are delivered with the least amount of delay. Through the direct interconnection, we provide unmatched service diversity, flexibility and reliability. WorldNet Data Centre is carrier neutral, you are able to have secure private connections to every telco for greater network redundancy.
We staff our third level support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that our clients always have system availability. Every server and network can be monitored on our consolidated web-based application. We focus on the needs of business customers. Our technical support team has many years of experience in e-business and I.T. services. Customers consistently praise us for our helpful and timely response. It is easy to reach a human operator at WorldNet by phone. No need for callbacks and no long waits on the phone line.
WorldNet uses only top brand, high performance equipment and servers. We offer and fully support advanced Internet tools such as load balancing, clustering, firewalls, cache and data storage devices. We use only up-to-date, high performance servers. WorldNet keeps server parts and standby servers in stock at all times. Should any hardware fail, we can repair or replace parts quickly - so that your web sites and applications continue to run. We offer immediate hardware replacement 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The WorldNet Data Centre is currently backed up and protected by facility-wide UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems. In a very rare case of utility outage, our Cummins® 160KW diesel generator starts automatically supplying all necessary power for the facility. The generator runs for a minimum of 18 hours at maximum load without refuelling.
WorldNet Data Centre is protected by redundant indoor cooling systems and is maintained at an optimal temperature. The cooling systems provide precise, reliable control of the Data Centre temperature, humidity, and airflow that improves operating conditions for sensitive electronic equipment.
In addition to physical security, the entire data centre is monitored by security cameras 24x7 and WorldNet on-site staff. Cameras are positioned at every entrance, each and every rack isle and customer cage areas. All security cameras record.
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