Toll Free Number

Toll Free Number

Business 0800/0508 Toll Free Number plan is a great way to promote your business and show your customer that you value their calls. Toll Free Number Service makes it easy for your existing or potential customers to call your business free of charge while you answer toll free call from an existing phone line or mobile, a great marketing tool to help your business grow.

Both national and international toll free numbers are available at competitive prices.

  Forward to Landline Forward to Mobile
Local 4c/min 34c/min
National 9c/min 34c/min
Mobile 25c/min 34c/min

Other charges

Minimum monthly charge $15.00
Initial set up fee $50.00
* All prices are GST exclusive

How does it works

Choose a memorable toll free number to promote your business on 0800 XXX XXX or 0508 XXX XXX number ranges (eg. 0800 ForYou), or if you already have an existing toll free number, you can continue to use the same number when you switch to WorldNet and enjoy toll free features and services.

Toll Free services are only available to Business customers.

We can also design a rate plan to suit your business requirement, to know more about how Toll Free Services can benefit your business, please contact our friendly helpdesk team..

Toll Free Number Add-on Features

Allows one Toll Free number to be answered from separate geographical regions depending on where the call originated.
In the event an incoming call is not answered, the call can be diverted to two alternative numbers.
Enables incoming calls to be diverted to another alternative number at pre-determined times.
Store up to 10 answering patterns in advance to be activated with a phone call.
Reserve your Toll Free number when you terminate the service until it is required again.
Call Prompting is an IVR type service, it allows the receiver to prompt incoming calls with a pre-recorded voice to different numbers to direct the caller to appropriate operators. eg. 1. for helpdesk 2. for acounts, etc.
Greets the caller with a courtesy response before the call is forwarded to the final terminating number.
This option is for customers who requires Toll Free Servces but do not know the exact activation date or the full details of the terminating number.
Caller calls a Toll Free number to hear a pre-recorded message.
Divert Toll Free number(s) to multiple terminating numbers as specified by receivers.
Adds distinctive four beeps to the start of the incoming call to notify the receiver that the call was made using the Toll Free number.
Allows the receiver to set up a PIN number to their Toll Free number(s) so the callers have to enter the PIN for the call to proceed, useful to stop unauthorised callers.