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Services Details
Business Broadband WorldNet provides premium broadband services with compatible prices.
Leasedline We provide private bidirectional or symmetric high speed data circuit for one or multiple locations.
Business Phone WorldNet provides premium business phone services with compatible prices.
Virtual/Cloud PBX Virtual/Cloud PBX system can make your phone more professional and efficient.
Toll Free Services Business 0800/0508 Toll Free Number
Voice Termination Wholesale Voice Termination helps the service providers to provide cost-effective and consistent voice services to their customers.
Colocation WorldNet provides tier-1 data centre facility for providing the optimum network services.
Dedicated Server Hosting/leasing WorldNet provides server hosting and server lease service in our data centre.
VPS WorldNet provides secure and private virtual servers with many price ranges by the customer's needs.
Web / Email Hosting The best web hosting / emailing services to make your business more efficiently and professionally.
CCTV / Surveillance System With WorldNet's data / voice service, WorldNet can provide/maintain physical security solutions.
And many more!!

Business I.T. Supports

Install & Upgrade

Install & Upgrade HW

Looking for a reliable IT company to set up and manage your computer system?
Do you have any system that need’s upgrading?
Are you looking a new server for your company?

WorldNet can organise and design your I.T. system such as desktop PCs, laptops or server computers. Our support team will have a consult with you about your needs and situation. And help you to determine the optimum way for your business with financial and technical way.

WorldNet can provide:
- Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Servers, Phone systems, Printers/Scanners/MFC, CCTV/DVR and Networking equipment.
- Pre-packaged software such as Microsoft.
- Computer components such as a hard disk or a memory upgrade.

WorldNet can help with:
- Software/Hardware upgrades, including migrating data or email from your old computer/laptop/mobile to your new ones.

Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

*System security
WorldNet can advise on and supply software to block viruses affecting your system. Viruses/Malware can also affect to your network speed and your private data. We can help to remove and cure your system with the proper procedure of investigation.

We can supply software or cloud based services to stop/mitigate spam email containing malicious content, stealing information and wasting time. If you use WorldNet's premium emailing/hosting service, we can detect your spam issue and adjust the spam rules for your purpose.

*Physical security
We enable you to build a tailored CCTV system. It can be connected with WorldNet network and services, so, the clients can monitor the security with browser or mobile applications.

*Firewalls and Network Intrusion detection
WorldNet can help to setup firewall for the security of your internal network.

WorldNet can help you to decide the backup method and options you can choose for secure your business data.

*Data Recovery
Data backups are vitally important. However if for some reason a critical system fails and you do not have a usable backup we can often perform data recovery from failed computers or hard drives.
WorldNet can suggest/design the fail-safe storage system and methods of backup/recovery.

*Voice/Data systems
WorldNet can design voice/data system for you and your business. Based on your needs, we can propose the optimum stucture including call flow and queues.
All systems are based on WorldNet's own infrastucture and network, so, real-time monitorings and troubleshootings are available.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Is your network slow? Are you planning a new network for your new/expanded business?
Do you have an existing network so complicated and not easy to manage or maintain?
You don't want to take care anything about this kind of I.T. issue?

WorldNet can solve any of your network problem with our experienced professional network engineers.
WorldNet is basically an ISP(Internet Service Provider) and posses our own network and tier-1 data centre.
Based on this solid infra-structure, we can provide the best services for your business.

WorldNet can provide:
- Connecting existing equipment such as copiers, printers, machinery and security equipment.
- Designing new voice/data networks
- Networking over multiple sites – connecting remote or branch offices together to allow sharing resources and decreasing communication costs.
- Setting up secure WIFI network for your business site and branding WIFI with the professional way if required.
- Designing / migrating the services of cloud connectivity
- International IP Transit service
And many more!!

I.T. Management Solution

I.T. Management Solutions

For the fluent running of your business, WorldNet can help to maintain and managing your systems and services.
With this smart I.T. plan, WorldNet will elliminate unnecessary interruptions at any I.T. issue, so, you can focus to run your business.

WorldNet can provide:
- Monitoring and maintaining servers/systems - Any urgent issue can be notified by email/sms in real time.
- Periodic maintenance of the clients' system
- Backup health - WorldNet will monitor and check backups to ensure the integrity of the clients' system and data
- Ensure clients' Security is functioning
- Design all-in-one service and take care all kinds of I.T. issues from the bottom to the top
And many more!!

Onsite Support

Onsite Support

Do you have any internet problem? Or any device or equipment not working properly?
Do you have any I.T. issue but cannot explain or figure out properly?
It's difficult to find even the cause of the I.T. problems for most of non-technical people.

With 25 years experience as one of the major ISP in NZ, WorldNet can handle any I.T. issue with onsite support.

WorldNet can provide:
- Internet / phone setup
- Data network / phone system configurations
- Hardware / Software problems
- I.T. Troubleshooting
- WIFI designing and Troubleshooting
And many more!!

Full Support

Full Support

You don't even want to care about any I.T. issue and want someone to care all for you?
You can join Full Support plan with WorldNet.

WorldNet will be your own I.T. technician and run to you for any I.T. issue.
WorldNet can provide all kinds of business services and solutions for you with agreed plan and fixed price.

We can taylor our services for our clients' needs and situations.

Please do not hesitate to send any enquiry for more details.

* For more information, please call us on 0800 891 001 or email us at

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