Call Waiting User Guide

How Call Waiting works

Call Waiting is easy to use:

  • Four beeps tell you someone's calling you when you're on another call. The second caller simply hears a ringing tone and will usually keep holding for six to eight rings.
  • Excuse yourself from the first caller, then press the 'flash' or 'recall' button on your phone. You can then talk to the second caller.
  • To return to the first caller, simply press the 'flash' or 'recall' button again and you will be able to continue your original conversation.
If you use the 'flash' or 'recall' button on your phone to move between calls you won't lose a caller by mistake.

How to suspend Call Waiting

You can suspend Call Waiting, if you need to make an important call where you don't want to be interrupted.
  • Pick up the handset and dial *52.
  • When you complete your call, Call waiting is automatically reactivated

Call Waiting with other services

Call Waiting works really well with Call Minder. You can decide whether to accept the second call or let it go through to Call Minder to take a message.
If you have a fax operating on the same number, we suggest using our Dual Number or FaxAbility services, so that you never miss important faxes.

Does Caller Display work with Call Waiting?

If you are on the phone and another call comes in, Call Waiting will let you know, but Caller Display won't display or record the caller information of the second call.