Caller Display User Guide

Calling people who have Caller Display

When you call family and friends with Caller Display, they can recognise the number and know it's you who's calling. . Likewise, businesses who recognise your number may give you better and more personal service.

Keeping it confidential

If you don't want people with Caller Display to see your number, you can withhold it. If you're calling from a phone connected to the Telecom Network or a mobile phone connected to the Telecom Mobile Network.
Number Withhold is free and easy to use. Simply dial 0197 (or 197 if you're calling from a business landline with a toll barred extension) before the number you want and the words 'Anonymous Call' (or similar) will appear instead of your number.
If you have Caller Display, remember that people calling you can choose to withhold their number

Some helpful advice

  • Not every call made to your telephone will have the caller's telephone number displayed, for example: The caller's telephone number will not be displayed if they have withheld their number. If a number is not displayed, it will not be stored.. Where a person is calling from some non-Telecom networks, older exchanges, some payphones, or some mobile phones, the number will not be displayed and the phrase 'Anonymous Call' or 'Unavailable' (or similar) will appear.
  • If the call is made from a caller's own telephone system such as a PABX (business exchange) system the number could be any one of the numbers assigned to that organisation.
  • The caller may not necessarily be the person you normally associate with the telephone number displayed.
  • The caller may be using someone else's telephone or perhaps a number of people have access to that particular telephone.
  • The telephone must complete two ringing cycles before incoming call information is displayed or stored.
  • Caller Display equipment not supplied by Telecom may display words other than 'Anonymous Call' or 'Unavailable' for calls not presented.
  • You must comply with the Privacy Act and any code of practice issued under that Act which applies to you. It is intended that Caller Display information be collected and used by you for the purpose of (a) potentially identifying the calling party and, (b) calling back a telephone number displayed or stored on your special display equipment. If you collect or use the Caller Display information for other purposes, you must ensure you do so in accordance with the Act or any code. If you are unsure of any of your obligations under the Act or any code, then you should seek legal advice.

    Caller Display is not available in all areas.

    Calls to 111 Emergency Services and to Telecom operators will always display the telephone number, even if you use number withhold, so that help can always be provided.