Landline add-on features

Get more out of your landline phone by adding smartphone features to your landline, manage your calls, see who is calling and much more. See below for list of popular Smartphone features

Landline add-on features Price
Call Minder $8.84 / month
Caller Display $6.18 / month
Call Waiting $3.51 / month
Call Diversion - Immediate $3.51 / month
Call Diversion - No Answer $3.51 / month
Call Diversion - Busy $3.51 / month
Fax Ability $3.51 / month
3 Way Calls $3.51 / month
* All prices exclude GST

Call Minder

Enables the caller to listen to your greetings and leave a message in your mailbox.

How to works

Your own greeting answer up to 5 calls when your landline is busy, listen to your message with touch tone phone at anytime and anywhere, if you are away on holidays, Call Minder will be able to answer your call and store messages for you while you are away.

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Call Waiting

Ability to answer calls while talking on the phone

How to use

You will be notified with a series of beep when another caller is trying to get through and switch between calls by using 'Recall' or 'Flash' buttons. Ofcourse, you can decide whether to answer teh call or not, very handy whiile you are on an important phone call or expecting one.

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Caller Display

Tells you who is calling before you pick up the phone

How to use

Displays the phone number of the caller so you know who is calling you before the phone is picked up. You will need a caller display compatible telephone or a caller display unit to attach to your telephone.

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Call Diversion

Pick up calls wherever you are, simply divert the calls to your landline or mobile number while you are away

How to use

Allow you to divert incoming calls to 9 destination numbers which can be re-programmed at anytime when required. There are 3 types of Call Diversion available.

  • Immediate - all calls go straight through to the selected diversion number.
  • No answer - the phone will ring for approx 10 seconds before a recorded message advises the caller they're going to be diverted.
  • Busy - diverts to the selected number when the line is busy.
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3 Way Calls

Enable 3 people in different locations to share the same call

How to use

Allows you to invite a 3rd party to a phone conversion, you will be able to speak to the 3rd party privately before the calls are joined and remove the 3rd party at anytime during the conversation.

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Fax Ability

Ability to share a phone and fax machine on the same line

How to use

Enables you to add an addtional line number to your phone line, you can let your fax machine receive a fax automatically or by you, a compatible fax machine is needed to use this service.